A danish+russian fairy tale

Was disappointed to discover Tivoli closed during the time I was in Copenhagen. Luckily, it was open during our train transit in Copenhagen to Stockholm. We had initially planned to visit Malmo and Lund. Changed our minds and visited Tivoli (coincidentally it was closed when my brother visited Copenhagen earlier).

Felt a tint of happiness during this press about Tivoli 🙂 Theme parks always have this magical effect on beings. And I am now pressing about one of the most famous ones in Scandinavia!

It was funny how I was peeping into Tivoli whenever I passed by. I thought I would not be able to step into this wonderland 😦???????????????????????????????

Until I figured out from the advertisements that the park was preparing for Christmas and was to re-open soon (maybe I could visit it during my transit!) ???????????????????????????????

And I did! Tivoli was located opposite the Copenhagen Central train station which made it really easy for us to pop by. The train system in Copenhagen is great –  it was really easy to get from the airport to the train station (took probably less than 30 minutes). So here I was in Tivoli, basking in the Christmasy theme park 🙂 Looking happy (and a bit sleepy though – had to wake at 4am that morning to catch the flight from Iceland to Copenhagen) 😛

Walking in the streets of Tivoli. Mostly women, children and elderly spotted. Kind of peaceful. I imagine it will be prettier after sunset when the streets start to light up.

Taj Mahal in Copenhagen?! Like the tones of blues appearing in the photo…???????????????????????????????

Russian Fairy Tale was the christmas theme of Tivoli in 2012.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Love on land. Love in the air. Love everywhere!???????????????????????????????

One of the rides. The tickets system work this way – pay for entry and/or pay for rides. One can also buy all-rides ticket! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

All-time favorite – Carousel! 🙂???????????????????????????????

Not common in Singapore. My brother called it the brocoli plant!???????????????????????????????

Another ride – high high high!???????????????????????????????

A house made of sugar and spice – like those in Hansel and Gretel????????????????????????????????

Quality Street. Sweet Street.???????????????????????????????

The ride that takes you on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales…???????????????????????????????

I love you in Danish????????????????????????????????

Introducing the child in me in Tivoli 😛??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

One of many christmas trees in Tivoli!???????????????????????????????

Right in the centre of Copenhagen is Tivoli. The surroundings added to the charms of the theme park.

More Hansel and Gretel houses 🙂 There were smoke coming out of the chimneys, although it cannot be seen in this picture 🙂???????????????????????????????


Reindeers. This was the first time I see reindeers in real life. So cute!???????????????????????????????

Last happy shot of Tivoli + me.

And of Copenhagen city 🙂

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