Holm Home

Went back holm to Stockholm after 12 days away in Copenhagen and Reykjavik. With mixed feelings. This was to be my last few days in Scandinavia. Time to pack for home after almost a month away from Singapore. A part of me that wanted to go home struggled with a part of me that wanted to explore more of Europe.

This will probably be one of my last few presses about my journey in Scandinavia. Just wanted to share some photos taken when I just walked around Stockholm city on one of those last days. Well, I cannot not be living like a tourist everyday in a city I called holm for the last 30 days 🙂

Think this is the royal theatre or opera house…???????????????????????????????

Was surprise to find that the building in the middle is a museum. Haha. ???????????????????????????????

A high-end shopping street. I went there specifically to shop in COS 😛 Wanted to get myself something from this higher-tier H&M shop which is not in Singapore (yet) and I got myself a grey sweater which is still in the COS shopping bag 😛 ???????????????????????????????

Flower shop in one of the squares. Quite a common sight in Scandinavia. Christmas trees and garlands were already up for sale in end Nov.???????????????????????????????

NK, a big and high-end shopping mall.???????????????????????????????


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