On my second last day in Stockholm, I visited Skansen, an outdoor museum of swedish/ Scandinavian architectures (houses) and animals (cute!) 🙂

To my ‘horror’, I found over 50 pictures I wanted to share. Not sure about you but sometimes I have this extreme tendency to either take too many or too little pictures as my trips draw to their end 🙂

It’s Sunday – I don’t really want to take up too much of your time (and my time haha) in wordpress. Decided to cover Skansen in a few presses in the coming week.

Here’s the first picture I want to share. Entitled mile·stone.mile·stone

Definition of milestone I found online:
1. A stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place.
2. An action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

I have not seen a milestone before. So when I first saw it, I went ‘oh so this is how a milestone look like’ in my mind. Nice to meet you, milestone. My first impression of you was small, simple and symbolic (you have a story which I cannot recall. oops. sorry).

We always talk about milestone in a big way – beings tell other beings about it, beings congrat beings on achieving it. Now that I think back, how many milestones are really as described in definition 2 (see above)?

Like the one in the picture, many milestones are in fact small, simple (perhaps not worthy of mention in the bigger scheme of things) and symbolic (perhaps only to the protagonist – I cannot recall the story behind the milestone, remember?).

When I first travelled solo last year, one of my friends congratulated me on achieving a milestone. When I left my job, I travelled to Scandinavia for a month, the same friend congratulated me on achieving a milestone. But are these actions/events marking a significant change? Memorable, maybe. Sgnificant, I’m not sure. I just did what many women would not do (travel solo – should travel in group for safety) and what many employees would not do (be unemployed and travel – should be looking for a job).

This press is turning out to be rather solemn on a sunday. Skansen is really a happier attraction as you will find out soon 🙂 I just wanted to share a thought that flashed through my mind when I saw this picture. Happy (thinking) Sunday!


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