Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

This is my first mobile press and Im kind of excited about it! I ♥ the camera feature of my S3 phone and at times,  I find that the pictures turned out better than my prosumer digital camera! Sometimes I find that my smart phone has made life more complicated and really, Phoneography is its saving grace.

Back to the theme -My Neighbourhood. Its really my theme of the moment because Im on a long vacation and have been exploring more of my home! Thanks for this, wordpress!

Here are some pictures of Tiong  Bahru, a relatively vintage area in Singapore. Its not really my immediate neighbourhood but its close enough,  about 10 minutes walk away.

Welcome to Tiong Bahru! The houses here are mostly low-rise, a contrast to the high-rise ptoperty behind!

The winding staircase is a distinctive feature.

Didnt realise that there are back doors in the back alley.


It has changed so much over the years! An old estate injected with new life in the form of hip cafes and shops! Books Actually is a boutique bookshop. Sells limited edition books, I think.

Next door is Strangelet. Nothing strange about it though. Nice cute stuff. Maybe I can get Xmas gifts from here this year 😉


Posters and postal letter boxes separate the two shops. Its like travelling back in time. Hard to spot these around singapore city anymore…

A few streets down the road is Tiong Bahru. I like the sandwiches and pastries. Noisy place though. Its always buzzing with a capital B!

Nearby is Drips. I popped into the cafe twice recently! Im afraid I have become a Fika addict! 😀

Yummy carrot cheesecake + ice cappuccino. Think I prefer the ice latte I had on my second visit. Always feel hot after a neighbourhoodly walk 😉

Drips is very serene. Always felt comfortable going there alone. Not sure if you feel the same but some places just dont make singles feel welcome :p

♡ the chairs in Drips. For the commoners in you…

And the king and queen in your super ego…


For Singaporeans who have not had the chance to check out Tiong Bahru, I say got for it! And for visitors to Singapore, its definitely the place to soak in some local culture and chill out! See you in my neighbourhood soon 😉


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Write for a living. Live for travel, run and art. Just back from the snow festival in Hokkaido!
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  1. frizztext says:

    I like your theme Twenty Ten

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