Well, November was not the best time to visit Skansen. Bald trees, muddy paths coloured it brown and grey. In my previous press about Skansen, I touched on mile.stone – the heavy topic was probably an after-effect of the solemn colors. On a happier note today, let me show you some of the animals of Skansen who added a spot of colors to my visit 🙂

Lazing around were the bears. Bet they were all ready for a season of hibernation.???????????????????????????????

The Skansen squirrels were really cute! They were running around all over the place and jumping all over me 🙂 ???????????????????????????????

How are you, my friend? 🙂???????????????????????????????

The otters were giants! And they blended in so well in their home and I did not spot them the first time I peeped.???????????????????????????????

Always excited to see reindeers. Big adult and shy compared to small baby and playful reindeers in Tivoli.???????????????????????????????

Dala horses! 😛 Always the signature animal of Sweden.???????????????????????????????

Horses in Scandinavia were small and stout. I love how warm this picture turned out. Taken in the early afternoon as the sun started to set…and the horse appeared very pretty with the cottages in the background…???????????????????????????????

I bet the small beings thought the same. By the way, they looked really cute in their colorful winter wear :p???????????????????????????????

Did these pictures put a smile on your face? They did on mine as I pressed. Maybe it’s time to visit the zoo! Happy weekend, everyone. Have a smiley one 🙂

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5 Responses to ZOO

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  2. endlessframe says:

    Looks like that one bear has a bushy tail….what is that?

  3. blogbythem says:

    The squirrel is fat 😀 It looks so funny 😀

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