Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime l Food Diary

When I was working, lunchtime was a welcome mid-day break from work. Come to think of it, I kind of missed the sight when almost everyone in the office marched out in search of food at noon. For comfort food (sometimes), in the comfort company of our colleagues or alone in our little own comfort zone. I particularly missed the after lunch local teh or kopi (tea or coffee in singlish aka Singapore English) which can give you that extra boost of caffeine to last the rest of the day at work.

Now that Im not working,  lunchtime has become a less disciplined and elaborate affair. Still comforting. In a different way. With a different story behind it. Here’s a peek at my lunchtime food diary for the past week.

11am, 15 March, Friday, Early Lunch.
Tiong Bahru Cafe. In between interviews.
Been thinking of the almond croissant since I passed by the cafe (mentioned it in the weekly photo challenge on my neighbourhood). Glad to finally have it with Flat White in the Raffles City branch as I prepared for my next interview. Comfort food, kind of, to encourage myself to keep going…

Noon, 16 -17 March, Weekend. At home.
Home cooked meat porridge and prawn noodles by mum. Been an exhausting week. Glad to be home for the weekend 🙂

1pm, 18 March, Monday. At home.
Home cooked meal of fried fish and egg with long beans to go with plain porridge. Searched the job portals this morning. Seems like its going to be a quiet week – no jobs that i want to apply for, no interviews scheduled…


1pm, 19 March, Tuesday. At home. Again.
My ma cooked some dishes like French fries, hotdogs, egg and vegetables. Forgot to take pictures, so please use your imagination! :p

1230pm, 20 March, Wednesday. At home. Again.
Had lunch earlier as I had an interview at 3pm. Scheduled yesterday 🙂 家常便飯 again. Stir fried yong tau fu (tofu, vegetable etc stuffed with fish paste) & preserved vegetable with pork. Simple. Good enough to last me through the interview!


1pm, 21 March, Thursday. At home. Yes again 😉 its fried rice paradise today! Yummy! Lol.

And this marks the end of my lunchtime diary for the past 7 days – its been a hectic week. Food is the only constant! Phew!

This press is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge. In case you were wandering, I used Photo Editor app in Android to frame the pictures.

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