Cijin Island

I am feeling kind of lost now. After a few months of living in the memories of Scandinavia, what do I press about next?

Hmmm… Let me share my journey in Taiwan where I have stayed about 20 days over 2 trips. Why? Well, I often ask myself when was the last time I did something for the first time. And Taiwan has a special place in my heart because of a few firsts.

2008 was the first time I stepped onto Taiwan soil with a dear friend. It was my first free & easy trip. We planned a 10-day itinerary which took us from north to south Taiwan, from Taipei to Kaohsiung on the high-speed train. And immersed in the beauty of free & easy travels – got lost along the way, changed hotels and plans and argued a bit 😛

2012 was the first time I travelled solo and celebrated my birthday abroad. It was a long deliberation before I surmounted enough courage to do it. I chose Taiwan because it made me felt safe enough to go solo. And Taiwan deserved more than 1 visits – there are still so many places that I have not seen in spite of 2 trips!

As I go about digging out the photos of yesteryear, I shall start small and share a photo of Cijin Island in Kaohsiung. Not as many people venture far out of Taipei while in Taiwan, so I hope this adds a unique touch to the introductory press 🙂

A quaint island that is a ferry ride away from the Kaohsiung city, Cijin Island reminded me of the mediterranean with its colorful houses and pretty beaches surrounding it. Remember it fondly as a nice day trip to an oasis away from the bustles of the city 🙂Ciji  Island

Will be pressing more about Taiwan in the coming days. I did blogged randomly to share my thoughts about my solo trip in Taiwan. Happy for you to read them if you like to 🙂

Solo traveller – Step 1
Solo traveller – Step 2
Solo Traveller – Step 3
Solo Traveller – Step 4
旧手机的照片 – 台湾好吃的!
旧手机的照片 – 台湾好住的!
旧手机的照片- Great Ocean Road in Taiwan

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