Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense l Downtown Mrt Station

Today I passed by the location of the future Downtown Mrt Station The Downtown Line will be ready in 2017.

We have several train lines in singapore – East west, North east, North south and the latest Circle Line, and we have a few more lines lined-up to meet the nation’s transportation needs in the future.

So life’s going to get more complicated. As it is, our transportation systems have been under much scrutiny in the past year, think train breakdown and bus drivers strike. But I shall not go further than the intent of this press – a phonography about future tense.

Just to digress a bit for nostalgic sake. Life was simpler when I was younger. There was only the East West line which took us from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay, from east to west of the island as its name implies. Breakdowns were rare, and inconceivable (at least for me who is proud to be Singaporean because of our efficiency).

A picture of the future downtown mrt station. It is located in Marina Bay Link


Decided to use a postage frame (photo editor, android) because it reminded me of a postage service I came across in Beijing. For a small fee, one can write a postcard to be sent out in the future, a few days/weeks/months/years down the road, just the korean movie Il Mare where the protagonist gets mails from the future!

I look forward to receiving the Downtown Line in a few years to come, and the day when confidence in our transport systems is restored. Because I believe (still) that we can be (and will be) better….

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