Shilin Market

Looking back at the photos taken in 2008, two things dawned on me. I look older now and I take better pictures now 😛

By the time we touched down at the Tao Yuan Airport and reached our hotel in Taipei, it was dark. Our first stop was a famous night market, Shilin Market. We were kind of excited, having heard and seen so much about the Taiwanese snacks we can find in night markets from Taiwanese variety shows!

At the food market which has since moved to a new building further inside Shilin Market. It used to be opposite the Jiantan Station, so it was easy to find it. I visited the new food market when I revisited in 2012. Image

棺材板 (loosely translated as coffin). Toasted bread stuffed with savory filling. If I remember correctly, there are a few types of stuffing to choose from.Coffin breadCoffin bread

水煎包 , pan-fried stuffed buns with pork or cabbage. Guess which stuffing we carnivorous chose? 🙂Image

I love 臭豆腐 (Stinky tofu)! Preserved bean curd with preserved vegetables – not as smelly as its name implies. An acquired taste for some beings though.Image

大鸡排- Chicken Cutlet which we forgot to take a picture of in our excitement to eat it! The queue was super long and the cutlet was super huge! Delicious! Wish I had taken a picture to show you how delicious it was.Image

蚵仔煎 (Oyster omelet). We have this in Singapore too. The Taiwanese version has more vegetables and gravy – the texture is smoother as it is not so well-fried. Image

綿綿冰(Mein mein ice) – ice with fruit topping and a dose of syrup. Very soft and nice – it melted in our mouths! Image

We were so full at the end of our night market feast which cost us less than SGD10 each –  really cheap and good!

Well, as you can tell from the pictures, Chinese is the predominant language in Taiwan. I’m glad that I paid attention in my Chinese classes when I was in school and I think that has helped to make me feel at home whenever I visit Taiwan…

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