Spring brings to mind hot spring (温泉), the highlight of our second day in Taipei. We had ours in Beitou, an area well-known for its thermal pools. We started the day with a visit to Yangmingsan National Park and was kind of disappointed by the heavy rain (hence no pictures). But we did enjoyed the hot spring before ending the day at Danshui, a popular attraction in the northwest of Taipei.

View from our hot spring in Beitou. The hotel provided shuttle bus service from the Beitou train station, so that was nice. Image

We decided to go for one which would allow us to wear our swim suit instead of our bathing suit 😛 It was really nice to soak in the hot spring! The thermal water is supposed to be good for blood circulation and great for skin!

First glimpse of Fisherman’s Wharf 渔人码头. We took a bus from the Danshui train station.

Shops and cafes lined the wharf.

Lover’s Bridge 情人桥. If I’m not wrong, this bridge gained fame after it was featured in a drama. The sunset is supposed to be lovely from the bridge. Unfortunately we were not fated to see it, no thanks to the gloomy weather 😦Image

View of the bridge from the wharf. Really gloomy day.Image

We tried Ah Gei 阿給 (meatball with glass noodle stuffing) and fishball soup at the wharf.  Ah Gei is interesting – you will probably only find it in Danshui area. Soup was good in the rainy. 
Ah Gei, 阿給 Ah Gei, 阿給

Took a ferry from the wharf to Danshui Old Street 淡水老街. Image

Opposite Danshui Old Street is Bali where you can get close to nature by walking or cycling around. Supposed to be great scenery which was unfortunately marred by the weather. Would like to spend some time in Bali if I do visit Taipei again 🙂Image

Had a light dinner of crepe. Pretty shop 🙂
Danshui Old Street 淡水老街 Danshui Old Street 淡水老街

And spent the rest of the evening wandering the old street filled with typical night market shops selling snacks, fashion items and other fun cute stuff… 

Kind of missed the hot spring although it has been really warm in Singapore these days. Will feel really blessed if I get to soak in one right now…


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