Taipei One O One

Taipei 101 was one of the highlights of the first leg of our trip in  Taipei. That morning, we also visited the Xiahai City God Temple and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

The Xiahai City God Temple was located in the neighborhood (Dihua Street) near the hotel where we stayed. The temple is known for blessing love and marriage, if I remember correctly…Image

Was interesting to see a ritual procession when we there.
 Xiahai City God Temple Xiahai City God Temple

At the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Taipei 101 is nearby.Image

Just in time to catch the guard-changing ceremony that takes place everyday.  National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall  National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Photo spot with Taipei 101 in the background! Image

Posed for a last shot at the memorial hall before we walked to Taipei 101. Such a pity our cameras were not as wide-angled back then in 2008. Otherwise we would have been able to frame the hall better in this picture…I do however like how the family behind me was candidly captured 🙂Image

Passed by Taipei City Hall (where the government offices were, I presumed) on our way to Taipei 101. Warm day. Image

At Taipei 101. We browsed the mall after lunch and before we took to the tower. Was really excited to visit Elite bookshop and PageOne – see the damage in my hands! 😛Image

Fantastic views at the top of the once-tallest building in the world! Unfortunately we could not ascend to the observatory – was too windy, I think. Hope I will be able to do so the next time I visit, perhaps before sunset 🙂Image

Like a postcard! Don’t you agree? Image

Sending a postcard home. Been a while since I have seen such mailboxes at tourist attractions. The last one was at the Vatican City where I posted a card from the Vatican post office 🙂 If you like to read my press about Vatican City, do click hereImage

Saw the wind damper that ensured the stability of the tower. Interesting! Image

Wind damper turned mascot for the tower. There were a few of these in different colors around, and we could not resist taking pictures with them 😛Image

And we decided to try the local desert (ice bean curd and green bean soup) at the food court in the mall. Really refreshing after a day out 🙂  Image

We headed back to the hotel early so we could pack and get ready to travel to Chaiyi the next day.

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