Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture l Qing Ming Festival


Observances include cleaning and sweeping of graves,ancestor worship, offering food to deceased, burning joss paper

Qing Ming Festival 清明节 is a traditional Chinese festival, a time we remember our ancestors. Its name denotes a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime and tend to the graves of departed ones.

Every year, the entire family will gather to celebrate Qing Ming. This year, last week (such a coincidence with this week’s weekly photo challenge theme) rained heavily. This reminded me of a Chinese poem, a melancholy I want to share with you…thought it a contrast to the fiery colors of the feast and offering in the picture.

清明时节雨纷纷, 路上行人欲断魂。
借问酒家何处有? 牧童遥指杏花树。

A drizzling rain falls on the Mourning Day; The mourner’s heart is breaking on his way.
Enquiring, where can a winehouse be found? A cowherd points to Apricot Flower (Xing Hua) Village
in the distance.

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