An adventurous start to Kaohsiung!

My last press about Taiwan was a video about Alisan in April. Was distracted along the way by the weekly photo challenges (From Above, Culture and Up) and Sydney trip (G’day – I cannot wait to tell you about the rest of the trip in time to come!). Well, we are only half-way through Taiwan and I will take you to Kaohsiung in the next few presses 🙂

As I pressed, I am surprised that I can still remember our arrival in Kaohsiung which was quite an adventure. Indeed, such moments stay with one for life! Flash in the mind: a dear friend is now on her first solo trip in Taiwan. I’m sure she will have many stories to tell when she is back – have fun, MQ!)

Our high-speed rail to Kaohsiung arrived late in the afternoon. Like Chiayi (read my first press on Alisan), the high-speed rail station was not located with the train station where our hotel was near. So we took a metro to get to Kaohsiung Train Station (yes, it was another lug luggage session) and arrived at the front station. Do you know there is a front and back station? We did not and could not locate our hotel located at the back station!

After asking around, we finally figured that out and had to lug luggage (again) all the way from the front station to the back. To our surprise, we had to pay a small fee to cross between the 2 stations which was often because the bus/metro to various attractions are at the front station! That was a few years back but I do think some things never change, so do note when you plan a trip to Kaohsiung!

By the time we settled down, it was late evening. We decided to visit one of the night markets in Kaohsiung – Liouhe Night Market. Always exciting to visit night markets to try the yummy local food! Now you know why I don’t have many photos to share! Haha.


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