Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Taichung was famous for its 太阳饼 (directly translated as sun biscuits) and I can still recall that we bought a few boxes of it before we left and lugged them (along with our luggage) back to Taipei. Will never ever do that again 😛

Where we got the sun biscuits. Goodbye, Taichung!

We decided that it was near impossible for us to make it to Sun Moon Lake by public transport, so we took a day tour. A group of Taiwanese who was on a company retreat took the same tour as us. DSC03972

Taking in the view as we cruised on Sun Moon Lake… For some reasons, I thought Sun Moon Lake was prettier than West Lake 西湖 in Hangzhou… And that says something because West Lake is supposed to be one of the most enchanting lakes in China!

Very green and blue. The islet in the middle of the lake is symbolic of its aboriginal history. Our boat made a short stop on the islet.

The other side of the lake – a shot to prove that we have been to Sun Moon Lake. LOL. IMG_6677

Where the aboriginal tribe lives… Tranquil…IMG_6685

A performance by the tribe – a must-do-see if you visit the tribe, I guess… My second this trip, first was at Alishan!IMG_6695

Audience participation. Spot reluctant me? 😛IMG_6692

Quite a feast – tribal food 🙂

Temple visit. Think this is a famous temple.IMG_6706

Gorgeous view from the temple at the top of the island. I heard that there is a cable ride that takes you to the temple now. No need to take the bus anymore. 

A visit to the paper factory was part of the tour itinerary. IMG_6727

Made a paper fan. Quite fun!IMG_6722

Process of printing…



A memento to take away from the trip. Cannot remember where the paper fan is now though 😛IMG_6730

Was nice to include a day tour or two during free & easy trip as it takes away the pressure of planning. Also a good opportunity to talk/listen to the locals since we were all in the bus most of the time 🙂

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