Taiwan Trip 2008

We have finally come to the last press about my Taiwan trip in 2008 where we spent the final waking hours in the Ximenting area where we stayed.

Our hotel was just behind Red House which is opposite the Ximenting shopping area. It is a place of culture and art. When I revisited in 2012, there were many boutique shops selling knick knacks. Nice place to browse arty stuff 🙂 
Red House, Taipei

Ximenting at night.Ximenting, Taipei

Street performances…Ximenting, Taipei

Ximenting in the day. Spot the mascot? 🙂Ximenting, Taipei

Greetings from Ximenting! 🙂Ximenting, Taipei

After these buildings are stretches of shopping streets and little shops… Definitely a place where you can spend hours, if you are not feeling too tired… By the time we visit Ximenting, we  were at the tail end of our trip, so have definitely seen (and bought) a lot by this time… heh…Ximenting, Taipei

Spent some time in the underground shopping mall too. Can buy good buys there if you have time to browse around. Less crowded compared to the night markets, and well, less exciting too 🙂
Taipei Mall, Taipei

We also spotted some performances by senior citizens in the Taipei Mall… Just thought this may also be a community point like our community clubs in Singapore….G snapped a video which I thought I will share 🙂

If you recall (see earlier press –Cijin Island), I wanted to press about my two trips to Taiwan in 2008 and 2012. The former has taken me about 3 months (wow!) and I have shared so many thoughts and pictures about Taipei, Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohshiung…

Think it is time to take a break from Taiwan, and press about more recent trips before going back to Taiwan again… I may really be going back to visit Taiwan again end of the year, so I am pretty excited about it 🙂

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