To Blue Mountains

I shall let pictures say a thousand words about our Sydney trip in April in this press, which is so so so so overdue! 😦

19 April 2013, To Blue Mountains

Our day tour to Blue Mountains also took us  to Featherdale Wildlife Park! Below was the first sight that greeted us – pretty ranger and cute wallaby (or kangaroo, I still cannot tell). And you know what? I really feel like sending this photo to Featherdale and tell them what a great touch point this was! 🙂???????????????????????????????


Hi there! What are you looking at? 🙂???????????????????????????????

I say below are wallabies because they look smaller and legs look strong 🙂 What say you????????????????????????????????


Koala! I don’t know about you but I always feel happy when I see the wallabies, kangaroos, koalas. Even though I always see them when I go Australia. LOL. And this koala is quite special because we got to take pictures with her (think it’s a she because it’s such a diva!) 🙂 And below was taken with my smartphone – it’s as good as the digital camera!20130419_090900

The girls with the sheep. Like this picture of the sheep shaking its head! So cute! LOL.???????????????????????????????

And the wombat! They were walking round and around the fence! Definitely one of the more active wombats I have seen!???????????????????????????????

And finally a glimpse of The Three Sisters from Scenic World cable/sky ride. Blue Mountains, here we come!???????????????????????????????

We kind of got stuck at the back of the cable car. Our guide almost could not get on, and then we learnt 2 of our tour mates did not make it. Phew!IMG_4049

Another shot of The Three Sisters…before we took the rail backwards to where we started…???????????????????????????????

And finally a good view of The Three Sisters. Australia is beautiful, ya????????????????????????????????

Amazing nature as backdrop and wind blowing in your hair! Wohoo!???????????????????????????????

Passing a lake on our way back… cannot remember the story behind the lake…but I really like this picture which gives off a lomo vibe!???????????????????????????????

Another pretty sight!???????????????????????????????

A random shot when boarding the ferry back to Sydney city at sunset… IMG_4093

Nice ferry ride into the city… a great way to see the skyline of Sydney… IMG_4103



Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House – you will be seeing lots of them in my upcoming press! Definitely icons of Sydney! ???????????????????????????????

I always end up going to Hard Rock Cafe with the girls, well, in most cities we go! ???????????????????????????????

Very hard to go wrong with dinner at HRC! Lesson learnt – we didn’t over-order this time 🙂???????????????????????????????

And a rather breezy stroll along beautiful Darling Harbour before we head back to our apartment… ???????????????????????????????


We actually arrived in Sydney on 18 April and went shopping at one of the outlets. It’s funny but not many pictures in my camera (maybe one or two). It was actually ML’s birthday but I cannot remember what we did memorable for her (maybe I was suffering from jet lag?) Well, guess the trip itself will bring back good memories… It certainly did for me as I press 🙂

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