Bintan Sayang 1

This is my second trip to Bintan this year!  Have not pressed about the first trip though, so better press about the recent trip before I forget…Bintan is about 1 hour ferry away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal which makes it a good weekend getaway for those living in Singapore. Many tourists visiting Singapore also like to take a 2/3 days trip to visit the Indonesia island. It’s going to be quite pictorial (all taken with my S3!) . Here’s part 1.

An ‘eagle’ welcome at the Bintan Ferry Terminal 😛 Taken while S and I were waiting for the other passengers to take the hotel transport – it is usually quite a hasty process but this time, our fellow passengers took a while…Bintan Ferry Terminal

Bintan Sayang is a hotel that is quite off the beaten track, away from the hotels that are popular with visitors from Singapore. It is quiet with basic facilities and a place where you can really get away from the city without connection to the rest of the world (no wi-fi at all – we didn’t try but I reckon there is no 3G too). Bintan Sayang

Were happy to find swing and hammock 🙂 Ah….Bintan Sayang

We stayed in a ‘villa’ with a balcony that faces the sea and it was a quiet place to just chill. Room was simple – not really of ‘villa’ standard. The ship lamp was probably the only surprise 😛Bintan Sayang

Pretty sunset before dinner.Sunset Bintan Sayang

Dinner at the kelong next door. Gong Gong (Sea Snails) – my first time. Tasted like squid. Do try 🙂Seafood Gong Gong

Butter prawns (nice) and Kang Kong with shrimp/chili. Cheap and good – our seafood dinner cost less than $30.  
Seafood Butter prawn Kang Kong

And an avocado juice to round up the night 🙂Avocado Juice     

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