Bangkok Food

Hello! Was in Bangkok for a few days last week. Did not take a lot of pictures but surprisingly they turned out quite well. See for yourself! 🙂

By the time we reached the hotel on the first day, it was quite late. Had Fried Oysters at MBK Food Island – really yummy but my SD card was not working so no pictures! 😦 It was YUMMY!

It was raining on the second day, so we decided to go to a café near Emporium for brunch before shopping. But it was closed for filming! We were so unlucky 😦

 Ate at Emporium instead and it reminded us very much of Takashimaya. Haha. 

Delicious Thai food that cost us about 700 baht (considered expensive in Bangkok). Well-chosen dishes which complemented each other very well. From top/clockwise: Papaya Salad (I like the shrimp :)), Tom Yum Kong with Prawn (glad it is not too spicy) and Chicken with Cashew Nuts (great with rice!). Also enjoyed my first Thai Ice Tea 🙂 So into taken pictures of food from the helicopter view these days…Bangkok

Dinner was street food! Didn’t try it the first time I came, and am surprised SF was gamed to try!
Street food, Bangkok

A seafood feast of Grilled Fish (Baked in Salt) and Grilled Prawn, and washed down with Coconut juice! Will skip the rice next time though – it was bleah after the quality rice we had for lunch earlier…Street Food, Bangkok

Selfie 😛 Warning: Weak stomachs may not be able to take street food – SF fell sick the next day…Street food, Bangkok

Went to the floating market on Day 3 and this was where we got our brunch from. Had to set off at 6.50am so we just had instant noodles for breakfast.
Floating Market, Bangkok

Had Durian with Glutinous Rice. Prefer Mango with Glutinous Rice though.Durian with glutinous rice, BangkokDurian Glutinous Rice, Bangkok

Late lunch at Siam Square, a restaurant near Novotel Hotel. Highly recommended by Trip Advisor. Bangkok

Fried Kang Kong – normal but good to have some vegetables, I guess…
Kangkong, Bangkok

Pad Thai. Not dry. Quite moist. Tasty. Pad Thai, Bangkok

Fried Prawn Cake – mixed reviews. I liked it but SF didn’t. Very crispy.Fried Prawn Cake, Bangkok

Day 4 – fish-ball noodles for lunch at a shop near the Grand Palace.Fishball Noodles, Bangkok

Simple, nice and cheap! Fishball Noodles, Bangkok

Had lunch at Chatuchak on the last day! Fried Chicken, Chatuchak, Bangkok

Fried Chicken! A bit too savoury for me, perhaps because I skipped the rice. Not as nice as I remembered it was the last time I tried…Fried Chicken, Chatuchak, Bangkok

And Papaya Salad with Shrimp and Salted Crab. Spot the crab? Tried it – very salty! Interesting!Papaya Salad, Bangkok

So this press sums up my food adventure in Bangkok. Also managed to sneak in a Samurai Pork Burger (not available in Singapore) from MacDonald’s! 😛 Time to go on a healthy diet now that I’m home. LOL.

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  1. Thai cuisine is perfect. And so nice photos. Now, a floating market will be our first point of visiting.

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