Bangkok – Wat Arun

Finally got to visit the two famous temples in Bangkok – Wat Arun and Wat Pho! Here’s a press on the former which reminds me of Angkor Wat. Guess the history of Thailand and Cambodia are somewhat intertwined.

Followed the suggested walk by The Insight Guides – Bangkok Step By Step that I borrowed  from the library, and found it really easy to explore the temples by boat on Chao Phraya River…Ferry, Bangkok

Approaching Wat Arun via ferry from Tha Thien Pier.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Prang (Spire) of Wat Arun.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Selfie 🙂Wat Arun, Bangkok

One of the small prang.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Intricate details.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Lovely weather 🙂 Good for ascending the main prang which was steep! Check out a video I took then to remember the moment at! 😛Wat Arun, Bangkok

Awesome view!Wat Arun, Bangkok

Another view from the top.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Prang Close-up.Wat Arun, Bangkok

More intricate details.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Water taxis on the Chao Phraya River.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Another selfie after the climb 😛Wat Arun, Bangkok

Parting shot of Wat Arun – Bot (ordination hall) guarded by orges.Wat Arun, Bangkok

Up next: Wat Pho!

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