TRAIN-ing from Frankfurt to Berlin

Hello! It’s been a week since I came back from Frankfurt. Finally had the laptop all to myself on a Saturday afternoon to do some housekeeping (internet banking etc). And also to look through the photos taken during my time in Eastern Europe (Frankfurt, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Heidelberg, Frankfurt) and yes, start pressing about this long vacation before reality takes over my life. Heh.

Train was really the main mode of transport for this trip (I shall refer to it as TRAIN-ing). I must say it left an impression because some were really long, like 6/7 hours! So I thought it best to start my presses, like my trip had this time, with TRAIN-ing.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, GermanyDid not had much of a jet-lag this trip – our flight landed in Frankfurt in the evening so we had a good night rest at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel (my first time staying at an airport hotel!). Located right next to the airport/train station, it suited our travelling plans. 

For most of our stops, we tried to stay near the main train stations for the convenience. Not as ‘unsafe’ as rumored. There are usually bus terminals and metros connected to the main train station, so it was easy to get around.

Frankfurt Airport, GermanyFor the time when breakfast was not provided, buying breakfast/lunch was our first stop at the train station. See the wide spread of savouries and sweets! Spoilt for choices, especially when most of the descriptions were in a foreign language (German in this case) and you had to choose based on the eyes and not with the mind. Haha.  

There are many cafes and counters, and usually a MacDonald, at the train stations so it was easy to get food.

Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof, Germany
Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof – the airport train station was surprisingly modern and huge. 

Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof, Germany
Looking fresh and excited as we waited our first train ride from Frankfurt to Berlin!

Ever the ‘kiasu’ (kind of mean risk-adverse) traveler, we reserved seats for all our train rides. Do that if you want to be guaranteed seats. From our observations, there will be empty seats around except for the more popular routes. So if you don’t mind having to stand for a few hours or switching seats throughout the ride, go ahead as it will save you some money (about 10 EUR).

Train usually depart on the dot so once we knew the platform, we would also try to find out where the wagon would stop at the platform and quickly hopped onto the train to locate our seats. Do that if you don’t want to miss the train or get stressed up about getting on-board!

Food, Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin
Our first breakfast on-board the train. We also grabbed instant coffee and chocolates from the super market at the train station before we board. Keep smiling 🙂

There is usually a super market at the train station, so do get water and snacks there because it is cheaper. A bottle of mineral water at the airport cost 3 EUR and it can be bought at less than 1 EUR at the super market!

Food, Germany, Frankfurt, BerlinClose-up! Sandwich looked delicious, doesn’t it? And healthy.

DB Train, Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin
Always made new discoveries about train travel in Europe. Was amazed to find that luggage can be stored in between seats in Italy and the availability of power sockets in Scandinavia.  And guess what? The DB train from Frankfurt to Berlin is so inclusive – see the braille seat numbers for visually handicapped passengers?

DB Train. Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin
#selfie. Not much to do while TRAIN-ing after eating breakfast, looking at the scenery, reading a magazine, taking naps 😛

Try to find some activities to entertain yourselves, especially during long rides for it can get a bit boring!

Train Station, Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin
People-watched from train. One of the many stations along the way.

DB Train, Germany, Frankfurt, BerlinAnd the usual graffiti spotted while TRAIN-ing in Europe! 

Will be pressing about Berlin next. Till then, have a happy Saturday and a great F1 weekend to those in Singapore! 🙂


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