Historic Modern German Bundestag Reichstag

After TRAIN-ing for 3 hours, we checked into our hotel (Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof), a short walk away from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (the main train station in Berlin) which is very modern and cozy. We then headed back to Berlin Hauptbahnhof for lunch. For our first meal in Berlin, we decided to try something local.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin Main Station, Germany
See the queue!

Currywurst, Berlin, Germany
Wurst and Curry Wurst (bottom)! Hot dogs are really popular in this part of the world. The difference between wurst and curry wurst is the topping – found it more chilli sauce and curry powder than curry curry (if you know what I mean). Lunch was OK. LOL. 

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin Main Station, Germany
Hello from Berlin Hauptbahnhof! Surprisingly very modern too and it’s like a shopping mall with many shops and restaurants. 

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
German Bundestag Reichstag (the German Parliament Building). During our short stay in Berlin, we were to learn that it is the political center of Germany and understood why the capital was divided into West and East Berlin…

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
Although the exterior is historic, the interior is modern. There is a strong juxtaposition of both historic and modern elements in the building – see below pictures too!

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, GermanyDeutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
Found the audio guide quite good – it starts automatically the moment one steps into the dome and rolls as we walk to the top via the spiral walkway.  

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
Nice 360 view of Berlin from the dome. Kind of gave us an orientation of the city.

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, GermanyDem Deutschen Volke  ~ [To] the German people. 

You can’t miss the German Parliament Building in Berlin – it is one of the most visited places in Germany. Do register early to access and also to avoid the queue.

A pity some features such as a sculpture in front of the building no longer exists – either destroyed by fires or other causes and the wars. We learnt that many parts of Germany was badly damaged during the war. Such is the price of war…

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