Kyoto l I wish I may, I wish I might

I can’t believe that my last press was 10 months ago (wow!), about Kazimierz The Jewish Quarter which I visited last Autumn.  Been venturing nearer home after Eastern Europe – to Bangkok/Hua Hin in Jan, Kyoto/Osaka in Jul and recently Macau/Hong Kong in Sep.

Took a 6 months break (alas) from long vacation in between, no thanks to work. Still blogged, now and then, at my other blog Long Vacation but never really got back  into the groove to want to press. Till recently. Getting home earlier helps. Staying in on weekends helps. So here I am, ready to press about Kyoto/Osaka.

How I feel about Kyoto, of an ancient city home to so many UNESCO heritage sites is complicated. I like walking through old towns and into cathedrals in Europe. The centuries-old streets, temples and shrines in Kyoto left me feeling undecided. Maybe there will be greater clarity as I press, I hope. Sometimes, I find myself in words.

So at least 1 press per week (my promise to self). And it’s always easier to start with a picture gallery.  So here’s one of Kiyomizudera Temple (清水寺 which translate to Pure Water Temple) in Kyoto – the first temple I visited in my first visit to Japan – where I discovered many wishes to be made!


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