Phuket and Danang l A Common Thread

Have not pressed for a while (a long while of 13 months!). A recent interview nudged me to press again. I believe things always happen for a reason. Whatever is the final outcome, I am glad this press happened.

One of the reasons (or excuses) for my lack of presses is that I have not traveled much and far in 2016. I summed up my vacations in the first half of the year. Counted a few enjoyable day trips to Johor Bahru, albeit the horrid traffic at times. Was looking forward to a US trip in the second half – that didn’t happened.

This happens in life sometimes  – plans just cannot keep up with changes. I am filled with thanks though –  I visited some of these cities (Phuket, Danang, Hoi-an, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou) for the first time and I am glad to have gone on the China trip with the family. Discovered a common thread between Phuket and Danang – the beautiful beaches.

A beach vacation always makes one happy. At least it’s a happy quotient for me.

Believe it or not, this was my first trip to Phuket, a popular beach destination in Thailand. Have visited Krabi (check out my post on Krabi in 2007) and the Phi Phi Islands in-between but for some reasons, never Phuket. So so hard not to have fun in Thailand – glad it was my first trip in 2016 in Jan after a somehow hectic Dec in 2015…

20160201_065600Phuket Beach in the eye of my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone which doubled as my camera on this trip. Do you love the bubble-gum-pink-orange-hue post-sunrise like I do?

Didn’t expected My Khe Beach to be so pretty. It wowed us at first sight from our room that faced the beach! Just across the hotel we called home in Danang for 2 nights, it was so so good to have a beach view from dawn to dusk. Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort wowed me too – loved the roof-top swimming pool and complimentary daily massage!

cimg0584 My Khe Beach reminded me of the Gold Coast beaches.Woke  up to catch the sunrise and many locals were already up and about – jogging and swimming at the beach. Happy to discover a side of Vietnam and her people I never knew about! Picture taken with my new Casio EX-FR10 on its very first overseas trip 🙂

There’s also a common thread between Hoi-an and China which I visited with my family in June. Know what is it? Make a guess or stay tuned for the next press.

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