Sensoji aka Asakusa Temple – First stop of first trip to Tokyo

It has been a few years since my last solo trip to Scandinavia and definitely glad to have done it again in March. This time, it was to Tokyo, also my very first trip to this part of Japan – like finally. Wished I had spent more time exploring this vibrant city and experienced the full blooms of the cherry blossoms. But well, the short-but-not-too-short trip gave me a reason to return to the land of the rising sun some day – in late March, early April again.

Back to reality for over 2 months and finally pressing about this trip. The wait (and well, better late than never) was partly due to procrastination and partly due to the hassle of selecting photos from both my iPhone and camera. Gave up in the end and chose the latter for press. I guess the former is more suited for the world of more instant social media like Instagram (by the way, mine is @ilovelongvacation).

So my first stop of this first trip to Tokyo was to the Sensoji Temple. Initially wanted to check out the sakuras in one of the gardens near Shinjuku after checking into the hotel. Was advised by the tourist centre to give them some time to bloom – good advice. That’s why the tourist centre is one of the first places I try to visit in a foreign land.

For me, snacking, shopping, people-watching my way to Sensoji Temple was really more memorable than visiting Tokyo’s oldest temple. Guess many touch points make up the Asakusa experience. Check out some of my favorite below. What’s yours?

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3 Responses to Sensoji aka Asakusa Temple – First stop of first trip to Tokyo

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  2. if ever your in the tokyo area place and need your own photographer for articles or want a personal travel photographer, let me know! 🙂

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