Night out at Tokyo Sky Tree

As Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Sky Tree are in the same area (at least according to the train line), I had planned to check out both on the same day. But nearer the end of my trip because I wanted to get the Tokyo Banana Tree – Choco Banana flavour only available at Tokyo Sky Tree! But I changed my plan (the beauty of solo, free & easy travel) upon arrival and decided to visit Senjoji Temple – read more about my first day in Tokyo.

I got lost trying to get from the former to the latter. Did I tell you that this trip was planned in a week – flight bought 7 days ahead, accommodation booked 3 days before and itinerary put together over 1 weekend?

Being my first trip to Tokyo, I didn’t know that the Asakusa train station nearer Sensoji Temple did not have a train to Tokyo Sky Tree (note to fellow first-time traveller to Tokyo). I had to walk to another station by the same name and I could not find it. In the end I landed in another station where I was advised to take a bus instead. Well, on the positive side, I maximised my Tokyo travel 2 day pass (highly recommended too).

The tower was beckoning at me throughout the day – I could see it while exploring Sensoji Temple. And it did not disappoint. The night view was one of the best I have seen in my life  – Tokyo is so beautiful from the top! I was feeling on top of the world up there in the tower!

Would have been nice to spend more time in the shopping precinct – I enjoyed browsing the shops, having dinner at Rokurinsha and deciding what to buy at the Tokyo Banana shop! 🙂 Another reason to return to Tokyo.


Spot Tokyo Sky Tree Tower in the background? Took this picture of an alley from Sensoji Temple. Kind of like the composition in this picture – selfie, photo bombers, sign-boards, girls in kimonos. man on bike, shop houses, tower – they combined to form a real moment in time.


It was good to spot the all-surrond Tokyo Sky Tree on my way to it. Although I was lost, I did not feel lost. The kind of lost-but-not-lost feeling if you know what I mean.


Up-close and personal with Tokyo Sky Tree Tower at sunset. So bright and light before the night fall.


Decide to go for an early dinner and tried Rokurinsha. This is the first time I ate ramen dipped in thick soup. I like the strong flavours. For those who prefer ramen in light broth, this might not be to your liking.  It was a good decision – the queue was not as long as I thought it would be because this ramen is quite popular, and I did not have to go hungry in the almost 1-hour queue to go up the tower.


I was wowed by the gorgeous night view of the city from the tower. This picture does not do it justice at all. Spot the other famous tower?


Selfie while sharing the view with many others 🙂 Looking a bit sheepish towards the end of Day 1 in Tokyo.

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