Meiji Shrine near dusk

Made it to Meiji Shrine only in the late afternoon on Day 3, about an hour before it closes for the day. Love how the setting sun added a glow to the shrine, sparking sun rays and casting shadows. Definitely glad I ended here near dusk after quite a walk from Omotesando.


That was a sunny day started with a free gorgeous day view of the city from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, followed by a sumptuous lunch at Maisen Tonkatsu (a famous Tonkatsu restaurant – I like it and glad I only waited a while for a seat – a pro of travelling solo) at Omotesando and a fruitless search for the infamous Omotesando Coffee (I couldn’t find it LOL) as I wondered through the quaint streets of boutique shops, cafes and dwellings. The walk continued down (or up) Omotesando hills before I reached Meiji Shrine. Checked out Harujuku before hitting Shibuya – all by foot! 🙂

To end, just wanted to share that one of the best things about pressing again is re-reading the ‘relevant’ presses that WordPress called to my attention. Not sure how ‘I can still see the sky of Old Uppsala‘ and ‘Day1onAlishan‘ are relevant but they definitely brought back good memories…

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