A stroll in the (Ueno) park

I will always remember Ueno Park. Because of the many firsts I experienced here.

My first close encounter with the cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Was amused to see so many Sakura fans taking pictures under the trees. It was not as splendid as I imagined. But still pretty.

The first time I saw Hanami parties. Not like anything I imagined. Was amazed by the many Japanese having picnics under the Sakura trees everywhere in the park. Could not resist the Sakura Party and had a mini solo one with a flask of hot green tea and a pack of Calbee chips! 🙂

My first visit to a museum in Tokyo. Have always like visiting museums (and yes, Ueno Park reminds me of Europe) and Tokyo National Museum was a good introduction to the Japanese history and art. A pity I had only an hour to spend here.

Will definitely visit Ueno Park again when I am in Tokyo. There are several museums and a zoo to explore. There’s a huge Star Bucks too. Having a coffee and reading a book in the park would be nice, ya? 🙂

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