From Tokyo Imperial Palace to Yasukuni Shrine

On 30 March when I was still in Tokyo and when memories of Day 5 was fresher, this was what I posted when I shared pictures on Instagram @ilovelongvacation : Wet, cold day. Did not managed to get a ticket to visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace so can only visit the garden – Very big with many Sakura trees of course. Walked the Chidorigafuchi – no boats spotted – en route to the Yasukuni shrine.

IMG_9166  IMG_9168IMG_9180

Although it can be a hassle to carry an umbrella around on a rainy day, it can add an interesting touch to a picture.
IMG_9185  IMG_9187

Another side of the cherry blossoms with the raindrops. IMG_9195

Saw white cherry blossoms when I walked to Chidorigafuchi. A walk that was longer than I thought it would be. But glad I walked as I saw many Sakura trees along the way.IMG_9198  IMG_9203IMG_9205

Chidorigafuchi was quite deserted. Guess I would not have been able to capture this serene scene if it was not a wet day. 
IMG_9210  IMG_9215

Yasukuni Shrine was less serene though.IMG_9221IMG_9222  IMG_9226

The tree that helps the Meteorological Agency to declare the start of the cherry blossom season. I only just learnt about this interesting fact!IMG_9228

So this sums up Day 5 in Tokyo. A wet day. Not a good one for walking. But walk I did.

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1 Response to From Tokyo Imperial Palace to Yasukuni Shrine

  1. Wow!! I love your photos and perspective. Watching Japan on Masterchef Australia these days.

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