Hakone Reminisce #1 – Gora to Souzan to Owakudani

Hakone was great  – one of the best in this trip in fact. Got the Hakone 2-day pass from Shinjuku station and enjoyed unlimited use of Odakyu-affiliated transport and discounted admission to some tourist attractions in the Hakone area. Worth it and more so because I need not worry about connecting tickets from Gora with its park to Moto-Hakone where the famous Hakone Shrine is. In fact, I planned my day trip around the transportation, making it easy and fuss-free.

A pity I did a day trip though. Should have planned a 2-day or 3-day trip because the Hakone area has so much to offer that I like! Definitely one of the areas I would revisit if I ever go Tokyo again.  Enjoyed many nice moments and took many nice pictures. So I’m going to do a few presses to share them. Come reminisce Hakone with me. Here’s the first throwback from Gora to Owakudani!

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