Hakone Reminisce #2 – Togendai to Moto-Hakone

Starting Saturday with a press feels great! No better time to continue from where I have left off on my Hakone Reminisce since July (Hakone Reminisce #1 – Gora to Souzan to Owakudani). From Togendai to Moto-Hakone, from Lake Ashi to Hakone Shrine.


Splendid view of nature from Hakone Ropeway from Owakudani to Togendai. Is that melted snow or rain on the glass pane?


A shot of the Hakone Sightseeing Boat from the Hakone Ropeway station. These pirate-like-ships that took me to Moto-Hakone are a bit too cute but I thought they add an old-town charm to Lake Ashi. 


Togendai looks like a quaint town that I would enjoy exploring. Alas,  not enough time.


Lake Ashi and mountains as my selfie backdrop in Togendai! One of the few times I used the self-timer mode on my camera on this trip.


Last shot of Togendai before I board the pirate ship to Moto-Hakone. Feeling blissed to be surrounded by Lake Ashi and wooded mountains.


View from the boat. Apparently, you may get a good view of Mount Fuij on a good visibility day.


The view of Moto-Hakone from the boat. Spot the Tori gate?


Cold day. Heart and hands warmed by hot tea from the vending machine! Wish Singapore has these vending machines that dispense warmth too.


Another selfie. This time with Hakone Mountain as the background taken en-route Hakone Shrine.


Looks like a nice spot to soak in Lake Ashi. Wondering what these ladies are looking at?


The Tori gates that welcome us to Hakone Shrine.


Walking through the dense forest to Hakone Shrine. Soaking in the beauty of mist and sunset – that golden hour of the day.


Make a wish.


Hakone Shrine.


A close-up with the famous Tori gate. Wondering if it is the most photographed Tori gates in Japan. What do you think?

Wondering what I have been doing in my one-month absence from wordpress? Well, July was such a crazy month at work in Singapore. But I did managed to steal time for a 4-day trip to Bangkok 😛 Photos are on Instagram @ilovelongvacation, so check them out!

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