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Wanted to post this earlier and was preoccupied. And what a difference this procrastination made – from yesterday to yesteryear. A timely reminder to procrastinate less in 2018. To follow our heart, to let nothing (or less things) hold you or others back, to be kinder/nicer in every interaction with others because you never know when it will be your last in years or in a lifetime. 

Have always been a believer that days are long and years are short. Its amazing how fast/faster time passes every year. 2017 was a crazy good/bad year. My best nine in IG says all the good and the bad are best forgotten…. 2017 – First time to Tokyo for my first Sakura party! First white strawberry (almost no bad Japanese food from where it originates). First snow encounter after 5 years – totally unexpected. First trip to Maldives at the start of 2017 was beauti-full of sun, sea, sand – also marks my first close up with dolphins and turtles and my first snorkeling trip without life jacket! First time to After You in BKK and First time to JB via train after it stopped running from Tanjong Pagar railway station. 

Life’s good in our very own backyard too – something we often take for granted be it time spent with our family and friends or the food/places at home. Finally tried the Michelin Star Tsuta ramen – happy that there was no Long queue and to see the order machine (come to think of it, Japan has started on its digital journey quite a while!) Our sunny island has become home to so many big food names that we no longer need to fly to eat good food. And for my only trip to our national gallery in 2017, it was to see the work of Yayoi Kusama – another example of how we need not fly to see world class art. But we still want to fly to do all these. Well, it’s always good to have more wants than needs! And back to the topic of art, the painting in this picture depicts the saying 比上不足,比下有余 – which literally means there will always be someone or something better than us and vice versa. A reminder to compare less in 2018 – to be (or try to be) thankful for something at the end of Everyday.

Enough of rambling. Happy New Year Everyone. Cheers to a better year and a better us!

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