Hokkaido Highlights : Otaru

Otaru brings back good memories. It was charming right from the moment the train left Sapporo.

I enjoyed the 45-minute train ride along the sea en-route to the fishing port, liked the old-town feel train station and enjoyed the freshest seafood bowl at Otaru Sushi Street.

It was fun (but cold) snapping away at the Otaru Canal which looked great day and night and exploring the shopping street filled with accessories/souvenirs/food.

Its snow festival, simple compared to the ones in Sapporo and Asahikawa (read ‘Hokkaido Highlights: Asahikawa‘), was rich in spirit. I could almost feel everyone in the town putting it together – there were very few frills but lots of human touches. Take a look at the city which came alive with its Otaru Snow Path Light.

I imagine that Otaru will look very different as the season changes and the snow melts away. Would definitely want to return another day in another season for another long vacation.

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