Paris’ Left Bank – Part One

In my younger days, when I first started travelling, I used to wonder if I would ever revisit a country. The world is so big. There are so many new places to explore after all.

Well, I found out I would. And it’s amazing that there are (almost) always new things to discover in the same city, no matter how many times you have been there. Because you were with different travel buddies. Because you missed a spot in your last trip. Just because…

So I first visited Paris in 2007. It felt a little underwhelming then, being the last stop in Europe after two weeks in Italy. Guess it was hard to be wowed after visiting so many monuments and cathedrals in Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Check out these presses of my first time in Parisian city (Paris ~ Day 1 and Day 2Paris ~ Day 3Paris ~ Day 4)

Revisited Paris again last July. Second time but did many things for the first time. For one,  I didn’t know about the Left Bank and The Right Bank of Seine River!

Had more time to explore the La Rive Gauche (guess which side?) which Left Bank this trip, starting with a walking tour which took us to the Latin Quarter.

From Pantheon, a monument and mausoleum to France’s greatest, we continued our walk to St-Germain-des-Pres en-route Luxembourg Gardens on our own. No pictures of the former though. Hmmm.

Albeit the summer heat, it was nice exploring the more artsy side of the Seine River. More on The Left Bank later. One of the best things about a holiday is to have the time to walk and see new things, and to stop and watch the world go by,  just like we did that day 🙂

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